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Important Email Security Tips You Should Know About

by on June 3, 2015

We all are aware by the fact that internet is not safe from hackers. They are really active and always try to hack your personal accounts. But, majority of us sit back and believe that “it won’t happen to me.” This is a foolish thought. It can be happen to anyone of you. All we have to do is to be aware with some important security facts that would protect us from hackers. As we all know that most of the office work is performed over internet and emails are the most widely used communication medium. So we should take care of the security of our email accounts.

Following are some most important and basic email security tips that you should know to protect your accounts:

1. Create A Strong And Unique Password:

Your password is a basic key to secure your email accounts. It should be as strong and unique as possible. Always avoid to use common words as your password. Avoid to use your Father’s name, Mother’s name, date of birth, friend’s name, pet name, your contact no or any other easy to get passwords. On the other hand, using one password for all of your accounts is a huge mistake.

You should not have to reuse any of your password to other accounts or websites. If you are using same password of your email accounts and other accounts then all your accounts are at a risk. You have to change instantly and then choose some unique and strong passwords for all your accounts. This is a basic thing that will secure you to be hacked in future.

2. Beware of Phishing Scams:

Phishing is the most widely used scam for attacking into email accounts. So you should have to take care and stay away from these dangerous phishing attacks that come to you through links. Never give your passwords to other pages or websites.

Basically, the malicious users used to imitate high-profile websites such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc, and say that they are having trouble with your account. So what you have to do to send them your username and password to verify your authenticity. Moreover, they often use to send you link to visit a false website that actually looks like a real one. You must have to be aware by these kinds of scams.

3. Avoid using public Wi-Fi and Public Computer:

Using public Wi-Fi or public computers are also not safe. In public Wi-Fi, your account may be hacked with network sniffer and your email is, passwords can be hacked. There are some programmers known as “Network Sniffers” that run in the background of some hacker’s device.

On the other hand, you should avoid using public computers because there might be keyloggers and trojans which can capture your passwords. These public things can be extremely insecure. Avoid using them for your security.

4. Never click on links in unknown emails:

Whenever you see any link in an email, 99% of the time you should not have to click on it. If you receive an email tries to sell you some product or a particular service, never link on any of the links inside. Sometimes they might be safe, most of them are not. They will bring you straight to the doors of malware and viruses. In case, if you get an email from your bank or any other known place, then always enter the URL manually in the browser. Never click on the links in the emails. You will be thankful to yourself later.

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