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Some Of The Best Apple Watch Applications: A Quick Look

by onJune 3, 2015

Just like iPhone and iPad, Apple watch also comes pre-installed with all basic applications. The most awaited device of 2015, Apple Watch, is in front of us with a handful of essential features. These essentials include, such as Phone, Messages, Siri, Mail and Maps, but also photos, Music, Weather, Passbook, Stock, Remote and Camera Remote. Definitely, Apple fans would like to have a glance at some of the most-anticipated apps for Apple Watch.

Most of the Apple fans would agree that the Apple watch apps will not be as gorgeous as the iPhone’s. But the health and fitness apps of the Apple watch would be the ones that could compel people to line up for the watch. Following are some of the Best Apple Watch Applications you would be glad to know about. Have a look below!

1. TL;DR Email:

TL-DR is a decent email app for iPhone which is also available in Apple’s watch. This email app has been built to help you browse emails instantly on your watch. TL-DR app allows you to easily view conversations, images, links and reply. It also enables you to highlight your messages with a relevant color or image. You can also record a message for communication.

2. Learn a word:

Learn A Word is a great application available on Apple’s watch. It specializes in informing the users about vocabulary words everyday to build a strong vocabulary of English. With a new word each day, it helps you to add a vocabulary word on your word bank. Furthermore, it offers various images of thesaurus to make learning new words quite easy for you. As your Apple watch will always be on your wrist, so learning a new word or getting a good command over vocabulary is really an easy task.

3. RemindMeAt:

Usually, there are a number of things people forget to remember such as they thought to bring something from the market but they even don’t know what to buy while wandering in the markets. So for this purpose, there is a best app known as RemindMeAt. It will help you to remember all your things or important work you want to do in a coming week. The Apple’s wrist watch will always be on your wrist so that you’ll never forget anything.

4. Easy cooking timer:

This app helps you to cook your meal at an exact time. Means if you want to cook any specific dish in a specific time than this app is best for you. Actually, it happen with the chefs in the restaurant when they get an order to quickly cook a particular dish so this app will help them to complete their task in a given time period.

5. GPS Track:

The Apple’s wrist watch also has a GPS track application that let users track their route. It offers very user-friendly features such as, Current Track Information, Current Way-point Location, and Current Local Information. This app will help its users to their locations quite easily. Thankfully, it offers playback feature so that you can record any location to playback if needed.

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