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The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices!

by onJune 3, 2015

Having a good keyboard is really necessary because keyboard is the most essential part and input device of any gadgets. In the era of smartphones, there are various keyboard application, but choosing a best keyboard is not an easy task. It also depend on the type of typist that you are. Therefore, from a huge number of Android keyboard applications, here we have brought the best 5 keyboard applications in front of you. Lets see below!

1. Swype Keyboard:

The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices

Swype is an original swype-to-type keyboard that comes on a number of Android handsets. You can slide your finger on the swype keyboard across the letters of the words that you want to type and when the word finished, put the finger up from the keyboard. This feature has now become very common among other keyboards but Swype was the first that brought this feature on Android platform.

Swype learns with your messaging habits, it automatically appear its dictionary with new phrases that you type. It creates automatic space in between the words while typing to boost your typing speed. Swype keyboard supports typing in two languages at a time.

2. Google Keyboard:

The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices

The Google company has made the Android keyboard with a simple and clean interface that works very well. It has a ton of languages, text-to-speech, material design themes, gesture typing and much more. Google keyboard also predicts the typing words of the user. Google Keyboard is the first keyboard that feature the full library of KitKat emoji.

Google keyboard is of free of cost available on Google Play Store. It is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above versions. If you have Android 4.4 or above, then you do not need to go for other keyboard apps for your Android device.

3. SwiftKey:

The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices

Another well-known Android keyboard application that is available in Google Play Store is SwiftKey. It also has a finest typing interfaces available on Android. It has a similar feature of swiping as the Swype keyboard has, but SwiftKey calls it a ‘flow”. SwiftKey also has a prediction nature known as ‘fluency engine’. There are various options of keyboard size and layout including an integrating ‘thumb’ mode. This thumb mode makes a space between the left and right half of the keyboard.

4. Fleksy:

The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices

The Fleksy keyboard basically focuses on speed and accuracy, with large and attractive buttons and brilliant auto-correct. The Fleksy keyboard of Android devices is most likely by its users due to its features and elegant look. It has the ability of shrinking the keyboard and even makes it invisible. And with this invisible keyboard, it works in a very cool way.

It delivers accurate typing with its large size buttons. It also has a feature of swipe up and swipe down function for adding or correcting new words in its dictionary.

5. TouchPal:

The Best 5 Keyboard Applications For Android Devices

The TouchPal keyboard is not enough popular but it has very useful features. The TouchPal supports over 85 different languages, focused on emoji/ emoji art/ smiley/ pictures/ swipe and cloud prediction and contextual prediction. It is available in Google Play Store for free but the themes of the keyboard comes with the cost.

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