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Top 8 Tips: How To Save Life of Your Laptop Batteries

by on June 3, 2015

We all have some devices that we use everyday that make our lives easier, but the batteries on them that work to give power to those devices should be more efficient. By our little concentration on the batteries, we can get rid to often reduce them. They also need little care. Here we are talking about laptop batteries that are annoying and expensive enough to replace.

Following are 8 best tips to prolong the life of your laptop battery:

1. Avoid Screen Savers:

Screen savers highly consume your laptop battery, so you have to avoid screen savers by right clicking on desktop> select personalize> click screen saver> select none.
This will surely help you to save your laptop battery.

2. Remove External USB Devices:

USB devices are also the main reason of sucking your laptop battery, if any USB device (pen drive or phone) is connected to your laptop and not in use, then remove it instantly.

3. Dim The Display:

Almost all of the laptops got the ability to dim the screen. You can dim the display by adjusting the settings to reduce power consumption. Keeping your display too bright is the main reason of battery drainage.

4. Do Not Leave Your Laptop Fully Charged:

Never leave your laptop plugged in the whole night for the sack of battery health. This will drain your battery instead of making it healthy. I recommend you a well-known 20/80 method that will prolong your battery life. This means that your laptop battery should not go below 20% or above 80%. Before this both situation, plug in the charger into the socket. It is best rule that will help you to make the battery life longer.

5. Defrag Regularly:

Defragmentation makes your hard drive more efficient and active. So if you want to make your hard drive as efficient as possible then you have defrag it regularly.

6. Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth:

Turn Off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you are not connected with any wireless network because they can both drain your laptop’s battery even if you are not connected to anything.

7. Make Sure About Temperature:

Keep your battery healthy. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures, make sure to only leave your laptop out of its case while charging. Never leave your laptop in much hot or cold temperature, like leaving it on your car on a sweltering summer day or cold winter night.

8. Close Un-necessary Application:

Close all the running applications and other programs from the background. By reducing your laptop from multitasking will help you to conserve your laptop battery.

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