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Facebook Moments: A Different Way To Share Private Moments With Friends

by onJuly 9, 2015

The world’s largest social networking site is now introduces “Facebook Moments” – a different way to share your private moments with your friends. Facebook thought that people are not sharing enough, and there should be some interesting thing to attract the users of Facebook. So, they created Facebook Moment app that will help users to find out more private and precious images to post for their friends.

Now see how it works: After installing it will scan your entire phone gallery by Facebook’s facial recognition software. Then it will find faces of your facebook friends and offer all them for private sharing. When your pictures are taken and synced with Moments, you’ll then have the option to share your private selected photos on Instagram, Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

“is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take, which allows its users and makes it easy to view those captured moments among friends and family.” Facebook’s New Separate App:

The default settings in the Facebook Moment app is there to make a private album with friends that you can used for sharing the discovered image or images simply with the pictured on them.

The Facebook’s facial recognition technology is what that recognizes groups such as which friend was in which photos. The artificial intelligence recognizes the images, in this case facial images, by reading the output produced by the images. The images run through a recognition processing machine which then group the images further or closer away based on similarities or differences.

With Moments, “You can then privately sync those photos quickly and easily with specific friends, and they can choose to sync their photos with you as well.”

The Facebook Moment app will be available from Monday for both Android and iOS users.

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