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Google Working on WiFi Project Soon Come To Cities Round the World

by onJuly 9, 2015

Google’s new Sidewalk Labs need to bring free public WiFi Project that soon will come to cities round the world. It plans to buy two companies with a combine plan to cover the whole New York city with super fast internet.

Larry Page had earlier this month declared that Google would be launching a replacement startup firm known as Sidewalk Labs to develop and manufacture technology for cities. Free high speed internet in cities is alleged to be a moonshot project that will not appear as unbelievable as comes like taking an endeavor at action death or developing the self-driving automobile. However, free town high speed net still remains associate exciting plan.

A new venture that is called Intersection can ask for to bring free public WiFi Project to cities round the world by victimization differing types of urban infrastructure from bus stops to pay phones. The Sidewalk Labs for this venture is progressing to lead the acquisition of 2 corporations that are behind big apple City’s Link NYC initiative, that is current commit to convert previous pay phones into free public wireless project hubs. The both companies are going to be unified for this project, the Control Group and Titan. Whereas Control Group are going to be providing the interface for the planned new hubs, Titan are going to be high the advertising that might pay money for this WiFi Project.

The first project of SideWalk Labs is to bring free high speed wireless project to cities across the planet, according to the reports from Bloomberg. By September, New York’s previous pay phone booths are going to be replaced by tall and thin pillars with digital pill interfaces and enormous advertisements on the edges.

“There are certainly places that it’s immediately Replicable,” he said, adding that the idea is to “use technology not to make cities all the same, but enhance what makes them unique and individual.” Chief Executive Officer Dan Doctoroff said:

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