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Google Announces Health Tracking Wristband That Will Connect Patients To Doctors

by onJuly 13, 2015

Finally after a long wait, it is disclosed that Google is working on a health tracking wristband. In the market dominated by Fitbit with a lot of different sellers as well as Microsoft, Google isn’t pitching in with a Android based health band, however rather it’s wanting to patch up the doctor and also the patient with its product.

Google Inc.’s life sciences group has invested on a health-tracking wristband that might be utilized in clinical trials and drug tests, giving doctors, researchers or physicians minute-by-minute information on however patients are faring.

The experimental device, developed inside the company’s Google X analysis division, will live pulse, cardiac rhythm and skin temperature, and conjointly environmental data like light-weight exposure and noise levels. It won’t be marketed as a consumer device, said Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google.

Doctors, researchers and drug manufacturers have long desired the simplest way to unceasingly track patients’ important signs outside of a science laboratory. Nonetheless making a tool that’s straightforward for patients to use, whereas conjointly capturing wealthy, correct information has been a challenge, same Kara Dennis, director of mobile health at Medidata, a brand new York-based firm that makes a specialty of information analytics.

Google is giving a health-monitoring device, a wise watch a bit like a wise phone that includes in its Android Wear software system platform for customers, through partners like LG physics Iraqi National Congress. Apple Inc. And others also have smartwatches and devices with health options. The most existing consumer devices aren’t rigorous enough for analysis, said Conrad.

That’s wherever Google X could play a task. The laboratory was found out to tackle huge comes with the potential for long-run payoffs, like driverless cars, wind turbines and delivery drones. The life sciences division has already created associate experimental contact which will simply browse glucose levels in diabetics. Just like the contact, the wristband gathers data unceasingly.

Google are going to be collaborating with educational researchers and drugmakers to check the wristband’s accuracy and request regulative clearance to use it within the U.S. and Europe. Google may additionally seek for a producing partner, for instance, Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG’s Alcon unit has licenced and can commercialize the contact.

In future, Apple has similar ambitions as we’ve seen a dramatic increase in health awareness with the supply of Apple Watch. Google looks to believe identical, though it hasn’t done a good job on the buyer front. Still, it’s nice to examine 2 huge corporations taking this health convenience seriously. A number of years from currently, the concept of not knowing data on your own health could appear terribly ridiculous.

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