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Emoji Pin Codes: British Company Launches Banking Software Which Uses Emojis as Security PINs

by onJuly 16, 2015

For making a fun to online banking through emotions, a British company has launched a banking software which uses Emoji Pin Codes as a security pin code. It is also known as four-digit pin code – emojis!

Intelligent Environments, a London-based company that is providing banking software has claimed that this new Emojis pin code service is highly secure because there are more vital combinations of the 44 emojis as compare to the numbers of 0-10.

“Why can’t financial service be fun and innovative?” Said David Webber, Managing Director of Intelligent Environments, Adding That The System Was Designed to Appeal to 15 to 25-Year-Olds.

 Webber added that his company had not patented the idea. “I don’t think it’s patentable. But I do think we are the first people to have thought of it,” Webber said.

Webber further said that some of the digital banks have already shown their warm interest in the Emoji pin code service.

Cybersecurity expert Professor Alan, the expert of cybersecurity also said that these sort of patterns and images were already used by different firms being a useful tool and alternative to remembering the sequences of letters and numbers. Reported by BBC.

“I think this is an interesting and potentially valuable step forward,” Woodward said.

The two factor authentication is very necessary because hackers may look a way through it sound easily. Woodward reported.

Through convincing the users to use emoji pin codes instead of numbers will prevent them from making their security PINs that are usually based on major days such as birthdays or anniversaries, which could easily be predict by little close knowledge. Majority of people use their passwords containing zero combinations or particular numbers like 1234 that are often used.

The human behaviour would be best flaw of emotions as a emoji pin code service.

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