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WallPart (The Poster Shop) Sells Stolen Images Online Without The Owner’s Consent

by onJuly 28, 2015

The website WallPart (also known as the Poster Shop) claims to be “The world’s largest online posters shop, with over ten billion pictures.” However, the one issue that the website doesn’t reveal is that their database is filled with copyrighted and stolen pictures from photographers around the world.

Furthermore, to make things worse, in what may be the most heinous hacking scam of all time, the Poster Shop could also be actually using these images to spam photographers who use their copyright take down form.


“Some months ago, he discovered that the poster printing website had placed several of his friend’s wedding pictures up available while not their consent. To handle this situation, the suggested course of action would have been to instantly get in touch with the website and demand that they take away their photos from the WallPart information as an alternative proceeding would be taken. Patrick Hall, founding father of Fstopper.com Said That:


According to the tumblr Peter and Company, the important business WallPart doesn’t have something to do with the selling of the prints at all. In reality, WallPart doesn’t head to photographers’ websites and steal photos to sell on their store page. They instead just simply pull pictures from Google pictures and show them as promising art work one will have written on their own wall art or poster.

If one should look for his name, image or whole, through their search box (which isn’t recommended), one would make sure to search out one among their own pictures in their information. Many of those pictures square measure Advertisements, PNGs, and Banners that were never meant to be written within the initial place. Additionally, each image that is displayed on their search results page consists of the precise same title and outline found through Google’s search perform.

It looks like that the most intention of this website is not to sell prints in the slightest degree, as there’s no proof that actual sales square measure going down. This website instead appearance for photographers United Nations agency have featured on WallPart’s web site, says Peter and Company reports.

The entire purpose of the Poster Shop’s website is that this contact form. The contact form may be a hacking platform that’s wont to spam the user and presumably have an effect on their laptop with malware or different offensive spyware and adware.

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