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A Paralyzed Man Gets A Prosthetic Hand And Also Can Feel

by on September 15, 2015

A man, who is 28 years old, had a paralytic attack due to spinal injury and lost the senses. Recently he was given new senses by attaching a prosthetic hand connected directly to the brain, and now he can feel when he touches.

The electrodes were placed directly in the man’s brain and now he can feel when he touches something. There have been researches and experiments done and clinical trials have been done by the DARPA (a US military’s research agency). The man who was operated and a set of two electrodes were placed in the man’s brains and now he is able to touch and feel. The electrodes are place one in the array on the motor cortex and the other one on the sensory cortex. The first one is responsible for the body movements and the later takes care of the touch and feel.

A Paralyzed Man Gets A Prosthetic Hand And Also Can Feel

A Paralyzed Man Gets A Prosthetic Hand And Also Can Feel

The prosthetic hand was newly made and developed by the applied physics laboratory at John Hopkins University in United States. The name of the man is not known and he is still behind the curtains since the process is still on for the complete success. The electrical signals are transformed to the brain when the man touches something and this happens when the pressure is applied.

In order to test the success and the accuracy of the operation made on the man, he was blind folded and was asked to touch things and he was able to feel and identify with 100% accuracy. It is indeed a great achievement for the technology and also for the science to combine it together and help so many lives. There are people who need it badly and who are suffering because of it and this implant if it becomes success would help them a lot in their survival and living.

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