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Sony Warns its Users Not to Take Waterproof Xperia Smartphones Underwater

by on September 17, 2015

Sony doesn’t have abundant entering into the Smartphone space except from the certification for its Waterproof Xperia Smartphones. However, even that certification looks to be under threat when Sony’s Web Site has issued warning to its users to not use its Xperia smartphones while underwater. This could return as a surprise to several people, as Sony within the past has repeatedly boasted concerning the water-resistance capabilities of its devices.

Many of the recent waterproof Xperia smartphones and tablets accompany the IP68-certification. This half-dozen interprets into a dust-tight device, whereas the second digit – the 8– suggests that submersion into deeper than one meter clean water for half-hour or additional.

Before the Sony Xperia Z5 lineup, several of the Xperia phones were publicized with press photos showing taking selfies or cluster photos underwater with totally submerged devices, that indirectly advised that you just will actually do those things. However, Sony is currently warning it’s customers to not get Xperia smartphones too wet.

Sony Warns its Users Not to Take Waterproof Xperia Smartphones Underwater

Sony Xperia Family Not To Use Underwater

Remember not to use the device underwater,” reads the new “water and dust protection” guide on Sony’s Xperia support page. “The IP rating of your device was achieved in laboratory conditions in standby mode, so you should not use the device underwater, such as taking pictures.”

The question is why Sony backtracking now? the company has been hesitant to repair devices with liquid harm. In several cases, the company said that the damage resulted by a number of the plastic caps not being tightly closed and so the warranty didn’t apply. Realizing that supporting waterproof phones could be a tough business, Sony has finally taken care of the matter by sterilization warranty terms and conditions.

Additionally, XperiaBlog suggests that Sony is also attempting to hide itself against complaints or maybe lawsuits from customers World Health Organization who do damage to their devices after they get the picture wet.

If Sony guarantees that your device can face up to water so it doesn’t, you’ve been mis-sold that device. However if the company warns you to not take it in water so you are doing and it breaks, well, that’s your fault for not taking any notice of the warning.

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