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How to Secure Wireless Connection and Prevent Stealing of WiFi?

by on September 22, 2015

We have all become slaves of technology and more so of the internet. Everything and anything is available on the internet. From small kids to old people everyone is using the internet and is almost glued to it. Finding information has becomes easier and we now can hardly imagine our lives without the internet. Once upon a time the internet café’s were in demand but now with the advent of 3G, 4G, broadband and wireless internet, the internet café’s are becoming redundant.

While we all use 3G and 4G in our smart phones to keep us connected while we are out of the house, most of us do have a WiFi connection at home. The advantage of WiFi is that you need not be tied down to a place to access internet and is also not restricted to one device. The entire family can use the WiFi with no hindrance to the other.

While most homes are now opting for a WiFi, it is important to understand how to secure wireless connection and prevent stealing of WiFi. The wireless connection has a broadband connection from a satellite or cable or DSL modem. The modem at home along with a wireless router distributes the signal and creates a network at home. Every device has its unique address called MAC (media access control) and an IP (internet protocol) address. In simple language, this is the signature of your device. To find out whether your WiFi is being stolen or used by someone else, these MAC and IP addresses would be used.

In case of a slow connection or intermittent loss of connection, you may suspect that your connection is being misused but most of the times it is not so. The simplest and easiest way to secure your wireless connection is by adding a password to WPA2 the latest encryption protocol. By adding a password to WPA2 you are adding a password for your router and the network. Do not use a simple password like 12345 or your date of birth or surname. It is easy to crack such password. Use an alphanumeric combination with special characters and secure your WiFi connection.

In case you suspect a theft of your connection, you can easily check using the MAC and IP address that is unique to each device. Also, you can hide your SSID that does not show up when any one is searching for WiFi connections availability. The other complex methods are to white-list own devices but this will prevent your friends and relatives to connect if they would want to connect in your house.

Internet monitoring softwares are also available but you would not need that at home. It would work for a commercial set up but not for personal use. With a strong password in place, you need not worry about anyone connecting to your WiFi as it is highly impossible. Only hackers can break the security protocol and that too with software. Therefore, relax and do not worry about anyone misusing your connection.

WiFi is now easily available and is very affordable too. There are many service providers and one get a high speed connection in a day. With attractive pricing and unlimited data usage WiFi has become inevitable. Literally almost every household has a WiFi connection and no one would to steal anyone else’s connection. WiFi is available in shopping malls, coffee shops, railways and airports. Moreover, high speed mobile networks like 3G and 4G on all smart phones have reduced the scare of stealing or misusing the connection. Stay mobile and keep connected at all times. Enjoy your WiFi connection by securing it with a strong password.

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