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WhatsApp Needs Only 50 Engineers To Manage Their 900 Million Users

by on September 30, 2015

WhatsApp Corporate Executive Jan Koum recently announced on his Facebook page that his company’s instant electronic messaging service is presently utilized by Over 900 Million Users worldwide actively. Facebook corporate executive Mark Zuckerberg quickly reacted with 2 posts, of that one said “Congratulations,” and he again posted “Here’s an action shot of you writing this update :-)” That referred to a picture of Koum keying his 900-million-client post into a mobile phone.

Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp, as Zuckerberg and company had paid $19 billion to require over the startup over a year back, suggesting that they currently run 3 of the most predominant net applications.

Facebook is employed by over 1.5 billion people across the world, whereas Facebook’s courier, an immediate electronic messaging service spans 700 million. In such a state of affairs, the 900 million users milestone could be a large action for WhatsApp, because it not a product of the powerful Facebook.

One of the fascinating truth is that WhatsApp achieved this milestone with simply a little team. At the time of acquisition by Facebook, it had a bunch of 35 designers and over 450 purchasers. Because of the increase within the amount of WhatsApp clients, the planning workers presently consists of 50 architects that runs things naturally.

Jamshid Mahdavi, WhatsApp programming specialist at an occasion in San Jose, California told Wired that the organization utilizes an artificial language known as Erlang that manufactures its administration. Erlang might not be too predominant just like the additional intensive secret writing cluster, however, it’s terribly appropriate for designers to convey new code on fly and to balance exchanges from a large number of clients.

Although Erlang’s roots are in telecommunications, it’s distinctive options like concurrency and intensive library build it appropriate as a all-purpose artificial language and well-suited to programming comes like network servers, management systems and internet development. WhatsApp is a part of a bigger push towards programming languages using Erlang that are designed for concurrency, wherever several processes run at the same time.

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