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How to Download Videos from YouTube?

by on October 6, 2015

YouTube is one the most visited sites today and is a popular video content website. Millions of people upload videos every minute and the number is growing by the day. Viewers of YouTube need an internet connection as videos are streamed over internet. However, what should one do if there is no internet connection and you would like to watch your favorite video? Can you download the video for future viewing? How to download videos from YouTube?

Well, the answers to the above questions are fairly simple, yes it is possible to download videos and YouTube does allow download of videos but not directly. You do not have a download option button where you can download. There are special softwares that enable you to download the video content.

Once you download the file to your computer or laptop you can copy it to any device and view it whenever you want to.

For example, some RealPlayers also download the video and stores it in the RealPlayer library and can be played from the library at any time. When you are watching a video on RealPlayer, a pop up appears that prompts video downloading and if you click on the button, it would download the video. It is very easy to download videos and such videos cannot be burnt into a DVD as they need an upgraded version and that would cost you.

The other way to download YouTube videos is to download software or go to websites like:





These sites are free and allow you to rip the videos online, it’s very easy to download videos from here. You can also download the software of these websites, once you have downloaded the software, open it and there will be a place to paste the URL. The URL is nothing but the address on YouTube where the video is available and you would want to download. After pasting the URL, you will have the option to choose what quality of video you would like to download, like a low quality flash or high quality mp4.


Not all video players can run a flash file; therefore you will need to convert the flash file using a flash converter into the acceptable format of an AVI, MPEG or WMV. There are many flash converters in the market and it takes only a few minutes to convert the files from flash to AVI or MPEG or WMV.

YouTube is aware of availability of such downloading software in the market and is mulling over the idea of making download a feature on its website directly to prevent such downloads. However, it is still in a beta stage and is being tested at multiple Universities like Stanford, Duke, California etc. YouTube is thinking of allowing video owners to allow viewers download the videos for free or at a pre determined price using creative commons licensing. If this feature is made available to viewers then this would be the best way to download videos, as it frees one from the worries of copyright issue and would be the most legal way to download videos.

Most YouTube viewers would be happy to use this feature and download from the website itself. Currently, it is not very easy and convenient to search for the video if they are not the popular ones and download option on YouTube would be a welcome feature in such cases. Everyone would prefer to download and watch videos at leisure without worrying about the internet connection, wouldn’t they? Let us all hope that YouTube launches this facility very soon and adds a little more convenience to our lives.

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