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Facebook Seeks Patent that Could Assign Fingerprints to Cameras

by on October 12, 2015

Facebook is trying yet another way to track you. As it is seeking patent that could assign fingerprints to cameras. Yes, this time through your camera. 

Each individual camera (be it on a phone or a standalone camera) are going to be recognized by its fingerprints that may be gift on each image taken by that camera and might even differentiate it from alternative cameras of a similar build and model.

Combined with other information like location data and face recognition, that is employed within the USA but not in Europe, it may determine photos taken by a user if they are uploaded to somebody else’s account.

The Patent Says:

“A camera signature includes options extracted from pictures that characterize the camera used for capturing the image, as an example, faulty element positions within the camera and information out there in files storing the pictures.”

Facebook will then connect the camera to specific users “based on actions relating users with the cameras, as an example, users uploading pictures, users being tagged in images captured with a camera, and the like.”

It will additionally use this information to search out out affiliation between completely different users. for example, if a picture shot from your phone is posted by some other person on to the social networking web site, Facebook would recognize that there’s a affiliation between you and the other person.

Facebook says the technology may be used to suggest new friends and events, and also be used to track down multiple accounts owned by one user, or dishonorable accounts. It may additionally most likely stop individuals from concealing behind false identities and ‘catfishing’ alternative users, as an example and settle copyright disputes.

While this is still a patent application, we’ll have to be compelled to simply wait and wonder till Facebook decides specifically what it desires to try and do with the technology.

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