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Meet Babrus Khan, Pakistan’s One of the Most Talented Comic Book Artists

by on December 14, 2016

Babrus Khan is widely considered to be Pakistan’s one of the most talented Comic Book artists and is the illustrator behind Team Muhafiz. However, he did not accomplish everything under his belt in a fortnight.

The man had to do odd jobs, face tough challenges, and comes from a humble background. However, his hard work and persistence led him to immense success and now he has worked for companies like Geo TV, H2O, AzCorp, NetSol Technologies, and more.

We recently had a brief chat with Babrus Khan, learning more about his journey, upcoming projects, background, and more. Babrus was born and grown up in Karachi in a humble family:

The bipolar city that is Karachi. Sometimes it’s like Gotham, sometimes it’s like Metropolis, but I love it. I come from a very humble family. Parents had some rough early years so they wanted me to be their practical kid with “practical” life choices. That being said, they were very supportive as I grew up with interests in video games, art, comic books, and the like.

Speaking of some of his favorite video games and comic books, Babrus told us about his childhood interest in video games like Batman and Robin as well as Contra. As for cartoon and comic books, Babrus mentioned Teenage Mutant, SWAT Kats, Spider-Man, and more:

My first platform was an Atari. I, my dad and my uncles would have competitions over the weekend. Then, I got a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Contra took over my life. After that I got a Sega Mega Drive and I played Batman and Robin all day and all night on that machine. As for favorite cartoons, they were SWAT Kats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SilverHawks and some animes. My first comic book was Spider-Man, my second comic was actually a manga called Fist of the North Star.

As mentioned earlier, success did not come easy for Babrus Khan and he had to start working at an early stage in life in order to support his family. It is during that time he learnt that he had talent and begin working on illustrations:

People always told me my drawings were better than most. When I finished college I had to look around for work due to some family conditions. I use to learn 3D Studio Max at that time via the internet so I landed a small job as an animator. This one time I was asked to watch over a rendering process overnight at work, and I was drawing to kill time, when my boss from then saw what I had drawn.

That’s when he told me I had skill, and moved me to the art direction department the next day. I was often told I was good at drawing but I never thought I was that good. It was actually quite late in life that I realized this.

Babrus did not really say much about his upcoming projects due to NDAs, but he did mention working on both national and international scene. His works are slated to release sometime during late 2017 and early 2018:

I am a merc’ for hire right now. Okay, so that sounded more badass in my head, but I basically work on contracts now, that way I get to work in different environments with different people and I get the kind of work I want. My current contracts are some international and domestic titles. The international title is going to launch in late 2017 or early 2018. I can’t say much about it because I have signed NDAs but it was the most exciting thing ever, because it was an international comic book firm. Admittedly, it was also tiring, frustrating, and a struggle, but I loved it to bits.

Finally, when asked to give any piece of advice to aspiring illustrator living in Pakistan, Babrus said not to rush things, practice hard, and enjoy each and every moment:

Don’t rush it. Just enjoy it. Don’t compare yourself with other artists, you are not them, you can’t be like them, but the best part is that they can’t be like you either. You are unique in your own way, and if you enjoy your work then you can find that one amazing thing about yourself and the work that you do Oh, and practice a lot!

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