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Pakistan’s First-Ever Games Emerge Conference Scheduled for December

by on December 14, 2016

Pakistan’s first-ever Games Emerge Conference (GEC) is scheduled to take place in December in Islamabad.

Aimed at promoting video games and creative industry in Pakistan, GEC will span across three days and include talks by industry veterans, workshops, networking, and a 2-day long game jam.

GEC is being arranged by Sadia Bashir, the CEO and founder of PixelArt Games Academy. Striving to provide education and training related to video games, PGA is partly funded by Pakistan Center, which is in turn funded by the US State Department.

According to Sadia, initiatives like GEC are a must to pool in talent from across the Pakistan. In addition to Sadia, other industry veterans supporting the cause include Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levin, former AI Programmer for Ubisoft Montreal Brie Code, and co-founder of Vlambeer Games Rami Ismail.

Speaking with press, Levine said that he could not be more excited about seeing PGA grow and inspiring ideas people would come up with.

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