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Your Votes on Steam Greenlight Can Help You This Pakistani Video Game Developer Realize His Dreams

by on December 14, 2016

It goes without saying that Pakistan’s gaming industry is still in its infancy, but this has not prevented Hyderabad-based dental surgery graduate, Bilawal Talpur from developing his first independent video game that has now found its way to Steam Greenlight.

Valve’s Steam is essentially the largest digital video game distribution service in the world, with over 125 million active users. The platform includes all latest and greatest video game titles for users to buy and play.

Steam Greenlight is a feature which allows independent developers like Bilawal Talpur to put their games on Steam for community to view. If the community likes the game, they can up vote the game which then gets released on the platform.

We had a chance to speak with Bilawal Talpur about his aspiration behind video game development and his upcoming game titled Fallen.

When asked what drove Bilawal to leave dental surgery and pursue his career in the video game industry, this is what Bilawal said:

I always wanted to be a game developer. Before developing Fallen, I made some mini games and interactive stories about my university friends. Finally, I decided to work on a big project and put my ideas and efforts into develop this game. It’s only taken longer because of my studies and exams.

Bilawal also spoke about PlayDead’s Limbo as an inspiration behind his art-style used for Fallen. He also mentioned the local community which helped him iron out some of the things which helped him improve his project over the course of development:

Limbo inspired me a lot. I love shadow only graphics that’s why I used the dark style of Limbo with some colorful backgrounds. Initially, Fallen was not that much horror but when I shared the gameplay with the community on Instagram and indie developers groups on Facebook, I received feedback and in the light of that feedback I improved my game a lot.

Speaking of Fallen, Bilawal told us that the game basically tells the story of a father who lost his son in a cave. During this course of his journey, the father encounters different threats and boss battles to save his son from the unfortunate:

It’s the story of a father in search of his son who has fallen in a cave. The cave is full of ghosts and monsters. The player plays as Father and fights the deadly creatures to save his son and the game also includes epic boss battles. The player will meet many interesting characters as the story progresses.

You can head over to Steam Greenlight Page from your Steam PC Client and vote for Fallen to become available on the Steam. Once it does, Bilawal is looking at a pricetag of less than $10 USD which is justified, given the amount of work he has put into the project:

The price on Steam will be less than USD $10.

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