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Metal Fuel the Clean Fuel of the Future

by onAugust 14, 2017

Metal Fuel: Traditional fuel i.e. Petrol, Diesel & Gas is also known as rigid or fossil fuel. Usually vehicles run with these three type of rigid fuels. Except vehicles, fuel uses in various industries as well. World-run industrial activities are depended on fossil fuel. From the last few years, electronic vehicles are also being used, but their number is limited. Usage of solar energy as alternative to fossil fuel is increasing. Power is obtained from solar panel in around the world. Some years ago bio fuel was very famous, it was declared as best alternate of petrol and diesel, then it came to know that the acquisition of this is not useful.

According to a global survey, due to increasing use of rigid fuel, its reserves are getting over. Except rigid fuel many different metals are exist in the earth. The burden of fuel reserves will decrease, if these metals become alternative to the fossil fuel. This is the same as if motor bike is driven by the iron or some other metal instead of petrol.

Some genius scientists from Canada are working on this concept. They believe that one day they will be able to make metals fuel an environment friendly fuel.

From the last ten years, experts from Canada’s McGill University are studying about combustion of metals especially iron. Few weeks ago, they sent some experimental devices in space to learn more about characteristics of iron. The purpose of this experiment was to observe the reaction of iron particulars in weightless condition in space.

Concept of using metal as a fuel is a unique idea but not new. However, its environment friendly usage is a surely new aspect. According to McGill University’s Andrew Higgins, he is studying on this concept for the last twenty years. Metal fuel is made by grinding metal. This fuel can give more energy than the traditional fuel, if we use it to burn a stove.

The most worthy thing about metal is that, it’s an environment friendly. If we burn, it does not produce carbon dioxide. It instead produces iron oxide that is called zing, and it will not be lost. It can be collected in a vacuum and then reuse it from scratch. Most important thing about metal

Higgins says that:

Closed Loop System

Using iron as fuel is called “Closed Loop System”. It means metal fuel doesn’t waste and can be used again and again within the system. This system will be proved better and effective than the other traditional fuels i.e. bio-fuel.

Canadian scientists are continuously researching on metal. They believe that in the near future they will be succeeded to make metal as a fuel. If it happens then a country like Canada, where wide reserves of iron are available, a new economic revolution will arrive.

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