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Moto X Play Smartphone

Moto X Play Smartphone

by Swetha Alagappanon October 12, 2015
There is a brand new name for the newly launched moto phone which is moto X. The majority of the people know that the Motorola has split the branding of the moto X into The moto X play and the Moto X style. But in our country, we can get only the moto x play. […]
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How to Download Videos from YouTube?

by Swetha Alagappanon October 6, 2015
YouTube is one the most visited sites today and is a popular video content website. Millions of people upload videos every minute and the number is growing by the day. Viewers of YouTube need an internet connection as videos are streamed over internet. However, what should one do if there is no internet connection and […]

How to Secure Wireless Connection and Prevent Stealing of WiFi

How to Secure Wireless Connection and Prevent Stealing of WiFi?

by Swetha Alagappanon September 22, 2015
We have all become slaves of technology and more so of the internet. Everything and anything is available on the internet. From small kids to old people everyone is using the internet and is almost glued to it. Finding information has becomes easier and we now can hardly imagine our lives without the internet. Once […]
A Paralyzed Man Gets A Prosthetic Hand And Also Can Feel

A Paralyzed Man Gets A Prosthetic Hand And Also Can Feel

by Swetha Alagappanon September 15, 2015
A man, who is 28 years old, had a paralytic attack due to spinal injury and lost the senses. Recently he was given new senses by attaching a prosthetic hand connected directly to the brain, and now he can feel when he touches.

How to Avoid Spyware On Your Computer

How to Avoid Spyware On Your Computer?

by Swetha Alagappanon September 12, 2015
We all use computers and laptops in our daily routine and cannot imagine our work or personal life without it. Whether it is sending emails, using the internet, having a conference call or webinar everything is connected and related to desktops and laptops. Every coin has two sides and so does technology.