Game of Thrones

Hacker Leakes Sensitive Data from HBO Server

by Usman Tufailon August 15, 2017
Last week some hackers hacked HBO’s server and leaked out an episode of famous TV series “Game of Thrones” before time. Not only this, they even leaked out addresses and phone numbers of its cast. Before leaking out sensitive information, the hackers demanded ransom from HBO. When HBO refused them, they leaked out all the […]
Metal is a new future fuel

Metal Fuel the Clean Fuel of the Future

by Usman Tufailon August 14, 2017
Metal Fuel: Traditional fuel i.e. Petrol, Diesel & Gas is also known as rigid or fossil fuel. Usually vehicles run with these three type of rigid fuels. Except vehicles, fuel uses in various industries as well. World-run industrial activities are depended on fossil fuel. From the last few years, electronic vehicles are also being used, […]

Regi Robo An Automated Robotic Checkout System - Gadgets Informer

Regi Robo – An Automated Robotic Checkout System

by Usman Tufailon August 9, 2017
Day by day number of super markets are increasing in all big cities of almost every developed country. A large number of people has started coming here because of availability of all necessary goods under one roof. Shopping in these super markets is a different kind of pleasure. It helps getting rid of negotiating with shopkeepers, […]

Gaming Deals for the Winter 2016 Season, Fulfill All Your Gaming Needs

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Best Gaming Deals for the Holiday 2016 season to fulfill all your gaming needs with massive discounts on PC parts, PS4, Xbox One, and games. With the holiday season almost upon us, a number of gaming deals are starting to pour in. It goes without saying that 2016 was massive when it comes to games. […]

Karachi Film and ComicCon Scheduled for December 17-18

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Ice Animations has announced that this year’s Karachi Film and ComicCon is scheduled for Dec. 17-18, 2016 at Atrium Mall. The event is basically a celebration of comics, cosplays, gaming, movies, and more. The purpose of KFCC is to promote the culture of comics, gaming, and movies in this growing market. The two-day event will […]

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is Now Officially Available in Pakistan

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Niantic’s popular mobile game Pokemon Go has been topping the trending for a few months now and is now officially available in Pakistan. It goes without saying that even when the smartphone app was not available on Google Playstore, fans of the franchise managed to get their hands on it by using Application Packages (APKs) […]