Best Gaming Deals for the Winter 2016 Season, Fulfill All Your Gaming Needs

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Best Gaming Deals for the Holiday 2016 season to fulfill all your gaming needs with massive discounts on PC parts, PS4, Xbox One, and games. With the holiday season almost upon us, a number of gaming deals are starting to pour in. It goes without saying that 2016 was massive when it comes to games. […]

Karachi Film and ComicCon Scheduled for December 17-18

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Ice Animations has announced that this year’s Karachi Film and ComicCon is scheduled for Dec. 17-18, 2016 at Atrium Mall. The event is basically a celebration of comics, cosplays, gaming, movies, and more. The purpose of KFCC is to promote the culture of comics, gaming, and movies in this growing market. The two-day event will […]

Niantic’s Pokemon Go is Now Officially Available in Pakistan

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Niantic’s popular mobile game Pokemon Go has been topping the trending for a few months now and is now officially available in Pakistan. It goes without saying that even when the smartphone app was not available on Google Playstore, fans of the franchise managed to get their hands on it by using Application Packages (APKs) […]

Here are All the Winners of WES Feminist ComicCon 2016

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
Amassing over 1,000 attendees, the 2-day long WES Feminist ComicCon came to a conclusion yesterday. Spread across multiple sub-events, attendees participated in these competitions to showcase their skills. Both winners and runner-ups were awarded with goodies bags containing merchandise from DigitalRealm, EasyTickets, Flourish & Blots, and more. You can find a complete list of all […]

WES Feminist ComicCon Comes to an End

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
FCCU – The two-day long WES Feminist ComicCon Convention came to an end earlier this evening. Amassing more than 1,000 attendees, the convention witnessed brilliant cosplayers, stalls filled with geeks’ dreams, nail-biting competitions, and insightful panel discussions. To cater the huge turnout, multiple events were kicked off simultaneously. For the sake of your convenience, we […]

WES to Organize World’s First-Ever Feminist ComicCon Convention

by Arslan Tufailon December 14, 2016
FCCU – Women Empowerment Society is scheduled to organize world’s first-ever Feminist ComicCon with the underlying theme of women empowerment on Nov. 2-3, 2016. WES Feminist ComicCon will provide the attendees with everything they love about San Diego ComicCon convention… and more. The core idea behind WES Feminist ComicCon is to shatter stereotypes which dictate […]