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Apple To Replace iPhone 6 Due to Faulty Cameras

Apple To Replace iPhone 6 Due to Faulty Cameras

by Marium Malickon August 31, 2015
Apple’s iPhone 6 and has the most effective camera of any iPhone, however it has been reported to have issues with its camera. Before less than a month away when the company is expected to reveal its new iPhone, now Apple is about to replace iPhone 6 due to their faulty cameras.
Apple Is Updating Its Magic Mouse And Wireless Keyboard Soon

Apple Is Updating Its Magic Mouse And Wireless Keyboard Soon

by Marium Malickon August 23, 2015
Apple is about to update its Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard. As we all know that the Apple’s Magic Mouse has not been updated since 2009, likewise, its wireless keyboard has not yet got any update even more before than the mouse.

Apple Electric Car, iMove - Gadgets Informer

Apple Aims to Start Producing an Electric Car as Early as in 2020

by Marium Malickon February 25, 2015
In a few coming years, you will have your car with a shiny Apple logo, as the reports claim that the tech giant; Apple aims to start producing an electric vehicle as early as in 2020. The company has been working secretly on an electric car that will come in front of us in 2020. […]
A New Facebook Scam, Win Free iPhone 6

A New Facebook Scam, ” Win Apple’s iPhone 6 For Free”

by Marium Malickon September 18, 2014
The new Facebook scam has been spotted as the Scammers claims that if we share and like their post or if we participate in online surveys then we will get a chance to win iPhone 6 for free. Of course not! This is a fake promotion they are willing to do as they are wisely […]

GooPhone iPhone 6 Clone

GooPhone iPhone 6 Clone is Expected to Launch Before Apple’s Smartphone

by Usman Tufailon July 23, 2014
GooPhone, a China-based mobile phone manufacturer known for creating smartphone clones has come up with another creation, clone of yet-to-be announced Apple iPhone 6. Since Apple has yet to unveil their latest iteration of iPhone, the clone produced by GooPhone is primarily based off leaked images and videos; most of which may or may not […]