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Backup Your Data Online With Best Cloud Storage Service

Backup Your Data Online With Best Cloud Storage Service

by Marium Malickon March 6, 2015
The Cloud storage has become an integral part of our modern lives and it is becoming more popular day by day. In the past time, only professional persons were used this storage service to backup their important official documents. But now, we can see the common internet users as they are also using the cloud […]
Samsung Smart TV Spying Feature

How To Turn Off Samsung Smart TV Spying Feature

by Tiyaon February 14, 2015
Recently, news about Samsung Smart TV spying on the voices has been creating a great stir in the media. Although Samsung has repeatedly assured that this scenario is highly unlikely to occur but still people are suspicious that their private or family conversations can be over heard by a third party, because there is still […]

Prevent Facebook From Suggesting

How To Prevent Facebook From Suggesting Your Name For Tagging

by Tiyaon February 13, 2015
Sometimes it’s really annoying when somebody tags you in a Facebook photo or video, even if you don’t want to be tagged in, or when you upload a photo and it starts giving you random suggestions of your friends that you can tag in this picture. It happens due to the face-recognition feature of Facebook […]
HTC EVO 3D has unexpectedly turned off - Gadgets Inforner

HTC EVO 3D Won’t Turn On After Unexpectedly Turned Off

by Usman Tufailon December 21, 2014
Undoubtedly HTC EVO 3D is a really attractive Smartphone, Sprint continues their EVO series of Smartphones from which it was the first Android phone of this family. It has high definition 4.3 inch QVGA display screen with 3D Technology and you don’t even need any glasses to enjoy 3D experience.