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Easiest Way to Transfer Data From One PC to Another

by Usman Tufailon October 31, 2013
There are so many ways to connect different PCs/Laptop with each other to communicate or to transfer data from one PC to another one, typically this kind of procedure is called Networking, mostly to perform networking procedure we use network cables or WI-Fi routers, these are lengthy procedures, but reliable, networking have many types and […]
Wi-Fi Router

How to Configure a Wi-Fi Device?

by Usman Tufailon September 19, 2013
In this post we will show the procedure of how to Configure a Wi-Fi Device to make use of together with your laptop or personal computer starts by connecting the WI-FI Router to the same computer that is connected to your modem; It enables automated configuration application to get the knowledge it needs without any […]