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Google USB Security Key Gadgets

Google Has Revealed the USB Security Key to Keep Out From Hackers

by Marium Malickon October 28, 2014
Google has announced something more protective than the previous and simple Two-Steps Verification method of security for all the users having online accounts. That was especially for those who might be not secure from hackers. Do you know what is that new? This is “Google USB Security Key”. Now, the users of Google accounts can […]
Safe Your Internet Identity from Hackers

Safe Your Internet Identity from Hackers

by Marium Malickon September 27, 2014
There are many of the innocent internet users who are being hacked every day around us. A huge number of hacking cases occurs on daily basis to worldwide over the internet. Facebook, Twitter, email accounts and other social accounts are at dangerous risk from being hacked. Do you know what is the actual reason behind […]

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail Accounts Hacked

What is the reason for being hacked

by Usman Tufailon May 7, 2014
On internet many people complain that their Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Other email accounts have been hacked or compromised, even though Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are World’s famous and best free email service providers, and this is not easy to hack these accounts due to strong security precautions. Finally question raise into mind, what is […]
Windows XP Security and Guide

Windows XP Security and Guide

by Usman Tufailon May 3, 2014
Microsoft has now been stopped supporting Windows XP, but it’s still second largest PC Operating System in the world. According to a survey there are more than 500 Million users who are still actively using Windows XP, and none of them is ready to make a change right now. Windows XP lovers have protested against […]

Login Windows in a Secure Way Using USB Devices

by Usman Tufailon May 1, 2014
Have you forgotten your Windows login password? Don’t worry you can still able to login your Windows, LokiBit has introduced a software to get rid of your login problem and lost passwords. VSUsbLogon is a software which can make possible to login Windows in a secure way using USB devices.

Windows XP Password Reset Trick

Have you forgotten Windows XP Password?

by Usman Tufailon April 25, 2014
Have you forgotten Windows XP Password, there are many ways to find out lost XP password, I am writing here some of these techniques.