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String Messaging Application Allows The Users To Delete Sent Messages Permanently

by Marium Malickon January 7, 2015
What do you feel whenever you hit the send button and soon realize that you have sent wrong message to the wrong person? I think everybody wish to somehow remove the message from that recipient’s mobile phone. Fortunately, there is an app for this purpose known as “String Messaging Application”. But unfortunately, only iOS users […]
Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

Top Five Text Message Replacement Applications for Android

by Marium Malickon December 28, 2014
Texting is the thing we cannot imagine anything without it. Don’t you believe me? Just imagine at once, as we have the replacement from the simple mobile devices to Smartphones and the texting service does not exist on this new device. Then what will you do? Certainly, I will throw my device out of the […]

The Mysterious Cellphone

The Mysterious Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Your Phone Calls

by Marium Malickon September 11, 2014
The famous rumor has been spread all over the United States that is about “The Mysterious Cellphone Towers are Intercepting Your Calls“; actually this is happening in some parts of United States of America. According to a latest news, near about seventeen fake towers have been found across the U.S.A on the last week. But […]